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Anne Curtis takes stand against dream shaming

JUST A THOUGHT: “You must be the change you wishto see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

DREAM MAKER: Anne Curtis has a new-old calling, one that isn’t really new to her. Call her a dream maker now.

Not for herself, but for other people.

The TV host-actress has just launched an advocacy – or is it a movement – called Dream Machine. Nothing mechanical about the project. In fact, it has a lot of heart to it.

4Anne Curtis-Smith with sister Jasmine Curtis who hosted the event launch copy

Dream Machine is propelled by a website where dreamers, ordinary people like you and me, can post their dreams, not for Anne to analyze or interpret, but for the actress to help realize.

In other words, the style icon is there as some kind of a conduit, if not the very person who will make your dream come true.

STOP DREAM SHAMING: Anne said her passion project hopes to stop dream shaming and empower dreamers to reach for their dreams.

She recalled that when she entered showbiz, she had big dreams that she thought she could never realize.

“In my 20 years in showbiz, I have worked hard to reach for my dreams. I am blessed to have already achieved most of them. It’s now my turn to be a blessing to others through the Dream Machine platform,” Anne said.

Anne decided to put up Dream Machine after hearing stories of dream shaming.

“It is sad when people set dreams in their hearts only to be dream-shamed by people either because of their color, their status in life, their current skills.’’

INSPIRING DREAMERS: The Dream Machine platform, she said, hopes to encourage dreamers to continue chasing their dreams. “We will do our best to help them.”

Anne herself was a victim of dream shaming when she aspired to be a concert performer.

People called her out for trying to sing. They said she wasn’t qualified. But then, she filled up the Araneta Coliseum twice when she staged her Annebisyosa concert.

“To sing before a huge audience was my dream. I worked hard to make it happen. It was not something that I did just for myself, it was also my way of encouraging people to fight for their dreams.”

THREE CATEGORIES: There are three categories of dreams that Dream Machine will be supporting: Youth, Education and Empowerment.

“Before the school year started, we were approached by the General Roxas Elementary School in Quezon City for support in their school renovation. Dream Machine was very happy to help and we are hoping that the renovation will inspire the students to study better,” Anne shared.

COLOR RUN: To officially kickstart the platform, Dream Machine hosted a Color Run at BGC to empower the dreams of disabled children under the auspices of UNICEF. Anne has been a UNICEF ambassador for 2 years.

Dreamers may start sending in their dreams via the Dream Machine website http://www.dreammachine.ph/.