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Busan has world’s biggest department store

By: Kim Ateinza

Continuing our recent adventure into a whole new world: The Shinsegae Department Store in Singapore.

Shinsegae means a new world.

We toured the enormous department store with our Matanglawin TV crew. Nakakapagod, ha? Pero, masaya.

Alam nyo ba na ang Busan ay second largest city sa Korea at dito rin makikita ang pinakamalaking department store sa buong mundo – ang Shinsegae Department Store. Nasungkit ng Shinsegae Company Limited sa Macy’s Store ng New York City ang titulo sa Guinness World record bilang pinaka malaking department store sa buong mundo noong June 26, 2009.


The department store boasts 293,905 square meters, bigger than Quezon Circle (271,139 square meters only) natin.

It has 14 floors and an ice rink on the 4th floor that can fit 500 skaters at one time.

Dinosaurs made of resin and fiberglass and a ghost ship with treasures can be found in Zooraji.

TRIVIA PA MORE (Various Sources): Palawan bearcat is neither a bear nor a cat. Known in Southeast Asia as binturong, the bearcat is a species of its own, with population in the forests of Palawan, Borneo, Burma and Vietnam.

It belongs to the family of Viverridae (civets).

The Palawan bearcat has a long body and a pointed face leading to the nose. Its head and body measure 61 to 96 centimeters in combined length while its tail is almost as long. It weighs 9 to 14 kilograms and lives up to 20 years.

There are 750 million dogs all over the world living on their own, according to a New York Times story. They are street dogs, free-roaming and free-breeding dogs.

There are about a billion dogs on Earth, per estimate by the NYT.

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