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Lapeña to promote BoC employees before hiring

By Betheena Kae Unite

Customs Commissioner Isidro Lapeña vowed yesterday to prioritize the promotion of Customs employees before opening the positions to the public.

The new Customs chief also bared plans to improve the incentive and reward system in the bureau “to deter corruption.”

“We will study the low compensation of the employees of the bureau… We will prioritize the promotion of our organic personnel before opening the position to the public,” said during the flag-raising ceremony at the Port of Manila Monday.

He disclosed that during briefings with the customs officers, he was informed with the various internal organizational concerns that need to be addressed to promote the morale and welfare of the people in the bureau.

He said the low compensation of the employees is just one of the concerns they would address as they move forward.

“I also intend to establish an improved incentive and reward system for the men and women of the bureau who remain steadfast in performing their duties and responsibilities with commitment, with competence, with integrity. I expect this to deter corrupt practices,” he said.

Lapeña also reiterated the President’s marching order–to stop corruption and increase revenue collection.

“My priority programs in the bureau will mainly revolve on the said marching orders. I do not mind the issues thrown to the bureau and the reports that I receive but I am here to institute changes. Changes that will regain public trust and confidence to the bureau,” he said.

“I will be working with officers and personnel of the bureau since you are all knowledgeable and experienced in the customs mandate and processes,” he added as he is yet to divulge information about bringing his own team to the bureau.

“I am very serious with my commitments and I will perform and deliver the expectation of our President for having assigned me here at the BOC. I walk the talk and you can count on me,” Lapeña said.