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Sharon ready to pose in the nude

SHARON Cuneta has said that she is ready to pose in the nude but “only for private consumption.”

“Yeah! I’ve talked to Raymond (de Leon) and Jun (Isaac) about it. Only for private consumption. Before everything goes south, I want to have a picture of my (self). I’ve worked so hard for this weight loss, my God!” said Cuneta when asked if she was willing to pose in the nude, during an interview on “Tonight With Boy Abunda” on ABS CBN.

“At 50 something, I want to but very tastefully and by only very good friends who have known me since I was a teenager. And that’s Jun and Raymond. Just the two of them,” she said.

Cuneta appeared on the late-night show to promote her latest movie “Ang Pamilyang Hindi Lumuluha” which will be shown in theaters nationwide.

Asked to describe her heart right now, Cuneta smiled and said: “It’s nobody’s fault. It’s not Kiko’s fault. My heart has been so battered over the years. Now all you have to do is put it in a real butter and fry it.”

Cuneta also said that she and Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan are still together despite rumors of a rocky relationship.

“Existing. Last time I slept with him was last night. Slept. We did not do anything. And last time I checked, which was today, he was at home, so we’re still together,” the actress said, when asked about her marriage to Pangilinan.

Cuneta also answered questions during the Fast Talk portion of the program.

Least favorite movie you’ve ever made: “Bakit Ikaw Pa Rin?”

Kanino ka huling nagselos? – “Wala, hindi ko maalala.”

Last big purchase – “A watch.”

Do cheaters deserve a second chance? – “Depends on the cheater. But mostly yes!”

Are you materialistic? – “Yeah! To a point but my pagka-materyosa I take care of. I am not maintained by anyone but myself. I don’t bother my husband with that. You work hard but you know sometimes like the watch I bought was the birthday gift to myself.”

Your greatest love – “You may not know him.”

Cuneta also said she is looking forward to her third movie with action star Robin Padilla.

“I am so looking forward to this movie because I’ve done 54 movies now. With Robin, I have had the happiest on-set experiences,” she said.

Cuneta and Padilla first appeared together in the blockbuster film “Maging Sino Ka Man” in 1991. They reunited for a second film “Pagdating ng Panahon” in 2001.

The former “Voice” mentor also explained why she cried when she sang The Carpenter’s “You” on ASAP last Sunday.

“This song has always had a special meaning to me. I knew I was gonna promote my movie. So when I sang it, beginning pa lang, all these flashbacks (came),” Cuneta said.