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Bato defends P900-M budget for drug war

Director General Ronald dela Rosa, chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP), said the P900 million fund they have been asking to finance the anti-drugs war is not as big as people would think, even as he justified the need for the fund to contain the illegal drugs problems in the country.

Dela Rosa said the P900 million fund will be divided into 12 months and would be shared by police regional offices, provincial police offices down to city and municipality police offices.

“That has to be distributed from top to bottom so if we trickle it down, it would only translates to a few thousands pesos every month,” said Dela Rosa.

The PNP is seeking the fund to effectively carry out the anti-illegal drugs war, the fund will mostly go to the operational expenses of the policemen.

But the Liberal Party and other lawmakers have vowed to block the budget being sought by the PNP for 2018 due to what they alleged to be irregularities in the anti-drugs war.

Among them are the deaths of alleged wrong targets, rising number of so-called collateral damages and the death of minors such as Kian Lloyd delos Santos who was allegedly executed by Caloocan City policemen. (Aaron Recuenco)