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Busan is for seafood, not zombies

By: Kim Atienza

Busan is the seafood capital of Korea. In the Philippines, however, at least from the experience of moviegoers, Busan is more known for the horror film, Train to Busan, where a group of zombies terrorized an entire train ride.

Busan is also home to a prestigious international film festival participated in by Filipino film artists.

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In Busan, Matanglawin TV went to Nampo-Dong District.

Tabing dagat ito kaya’t sari-saring seafood sa buong mundo ang ditto talaga makikita.

The seafood market here opened after the Korean War in 1945. It is currently the biggest exporter of seafood in South Korea. The sellers in the market are usually middle aged women or locally called Ajumma.

There are two sections in the market: outside and inside. Dried fish are sold outside. Fish that don’t stink can be found inside. Customers can also eat the fish they bought inside.

We ate shigogi or octopus sashimi, bangja or flying fish in a leaf, ssamjang or chilli paste rolled in a leaf.

Napakaraming bagay ang di ko makakalimutan sa Busan. Unang-una ang sarap ng pagkain – mahilig lang talaga ko sa Korean food to begin with. Pero dun lang ako nakatikim ng napakaraming seafood cooked in Korean style na napakasarap talaga. Kumbaga enjoy na enjoy ako sa pagkain. Kung merong isang bagay na talagang dumikit sa kin sa Busan, yun yung impact ng pagkain sakin.

Pero ang Busan is something else. Ang Busan ay parang mas rural, mas friendly at mas relaxed na version ng Seoul.

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