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Trillanes signs bank waivers

By: Hannah Torregoza

Opposition Senator Antonio Trillanes IV yesterday fired back at President Rodrigo Duterte and dared him to sign a waiver and allow the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) and the Office of the Ombudsman to scrutinize all of his bank accounts the same way he signed the waivers on his supposed offshore accounts.

Trillanes, in a press conference at the Senate, showed to the media copies of at least 12 waivers for each of the accounts that President Duterte claimed he owns.

The waivers, he said, authorizes the AMLC and the Ombudsman to open and look into the supposed bank accounts, including closed accounts of his, if any.

“Todo mo na. Do your worst. I will not destroy you with a fabricated story. I will destroy you with truth,” Trillanes said.

“So if they said some of those accounts had been closed, that can be verified. The AMLC has access to the international banking system and they can retrieve all information,” he added.

“And besides, the others can be retrieved from local branches. So they can get it from there,” the senator stressed.

Trillanes earlier was accused by Duterte of hiding money in different countries.

  • Jose Rizal

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