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Woman hacked to death

By: Alexandria San Juan

A woman was hacked and stabbed to death inside her store by four drunk men she recently reported to barangay authorities for attempting to slaughter her pet dog in Quezon City the other day.

Quezon City Police Station 6 investigators identified the victim as Jovy Evelyn Candelaria, 47, of Upper Lanzones, Barangay Payatas.

According to the victim’s neighbor, Nieves Rosario, she was inside her house when she heard someone shouting outside.

Upon checking, she saw certain “Marcelo” and “Rey” with two other men wrecking the gate of the victim’s store.

Rosario tried to pacify the men but noticed that they were drunk and all armed with bladed weapons, prompting her to leave the place and report the incident to authorities.

When she came back, the men were gone and Candelaria was already dead with multiple stab wounds in the body.

It was learned that prior to the incident, Candelaria lodged a complaint at the barangay hall against “Marcelo” and “Rey” for attempting to slaughter her pet dog.

Probers found a 25-inch bolo in the crime scene.

Police are hunting down the four suspects.