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Duterte ally opposes P1,000 budget for CHR


An ally of President Duterte is opposing the allocation of only R1,000 or zero budget for the Commission on Human Rights (CHR), saying that depriving the commission of its necessary appropriation would affect its mandate to protect the people from abuses.

Siquijor Rep. Rav Rocamora said the House leadership should reconsider its position as it remains firm on its decision to allocate only P1,000 for the 2018 budget of the CHR for its failure to perform its constitutional mandate.

“I believe that the Commission on Human Rights has a constitutional mandate to safeguard our citizens from abuse. It is the duty of the commission to ensure that human rights in the country are respected and that our institutions are resolute in this undertaking,” he said.

The CHR’s proposed budget for 2018 is P678 million, which is lower than its 2017 budget of P749 million.

“Congress is duty-bound to provide the CHR with the budget it needs to fulfill its mandate,” he reminded his colleagues.

Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez described CHR as “useless” following its failure to uphold its constitutional mandate to protect all Filipino citizens as it is preoccupied to protect to rights of the criminals.

“Kasi hindi nila ginagawa ’yung trabaho nila. ’Yung mandato nila under the Constitution hindi nila ginagagawa: ano ’yun para protektahan ’yung karapatang pantao ng lahat ng tao, hindi lang nung mga kriminal,” he said.

“Kapag mayroong mga victims, itong mga victims mismo ng human rights, ayaw nilang magsalita. Wala man lang si-lang programa para doon sa mga biktima. Pero kapag yung rights ng mga kriminal ay mai-ngay sila,” he pointed out.