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Looking for, finding dad

FRENCH FATHER – Ejay Falcon recently said he was looking for his dad French father, but hastened to add that his adoptive father in Mindoro had been very good to him. Ejay said then he didn’t care about his biological father, but he realized, “Di kumpleto and pagkatao ko pag di ko siya nakilala.”

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The actor can start by getting in touch with the French Embassy which might have records about his missing father. At the same time, the Internet is of great help in Ejay’s quest for his origin.

Another French mestizo, basketball player Marc Pingris, traced his father’s whereabouts through the Internet…with the help of his wife, Danica Sotto. Father and son had a tearful but happy reunion in Paris along with Danica.

AMERICAN FATHER – A year or so ago, Angelica Panganiban traced her American father, who was delighted to meet her.

Lotlot de Leon also earlier had a happy reunion with her American dad. Now they bond regularly.

With a heart breaking ending was Luke Mejares situation. He managed to traced his Black American father. But sadly he was no longer interested in meeting the son he sired back in the Philippines. Luke was devastated.

IF IT’S GOD WILL – Bea Alonzo’s father is British who, early on, she wanted to meet. After years of hoping in vain to be with him, Bea took a philosophical attitude. If it’s God will so be it, “Salamat. Pero okey na rin kung hindi.”

Is this also the frame of mind of Matet de Leon who seems not keen on seeing her Caucasian dad?

Remember the movie “Langit sa Piling Mo,” where G Toengi played a Tisay looking for her American father? She traced him… buried in a cemetery. The film was inspired by the mother of Eric Quizon, Alice Smith (briefly known as Pamela Ponti on the big screen).

Alice is a longtime California resident.