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Trillanes-Duterte feud serves no purpose

By: Johnny Dayang

THE bad blood between President Duterte’s family and Senator Antonio Trillanes IV is expected to further heat up. It looks like their feud will go nowhere but to the gutters.

Observers find their exchange of abrasive statements and insults so tasteless. Their feud serves no constructive purpose; their rude demeanor violate the protocols of decency of their respective offices. Their acerbic row has not only relegated to the sidelines urgent public issues that deserve their attention, but also insult the Filipino people in general.

It is decidedly unpopular, ugly and irrelevant theme, but the Triad accusation of Sen. Trillanes hurled against Davao City vice mayor Paolo Duterte seems an enticing issue that gullible people may believe in. It is understandable that the younger Duterte declined to dignify Trillanes’ taunts, but to disprove the issue and nip it in the bud, the Vice Mayor may as well accept the Senator’s dare if it is indeed baseless.

The unfortunate drama of the feud even assumed a comic dimension when President Digong himself took pains to display publicly his own tattoos to tease Trillanes. Doubtless, any father worth his salt will always come to the defense of his brood. That’s paternal instinct.

We are not privy to any irregularity or scandal the vice mayor may have been involved in, but the recurring claims regarding his link to activities that are contrary to law is something that has to be cleared. Whether the clarification is made in the Senate or outside, the need to find the truth is more important than the skill to evade the red flags.

Another vital point that comes out in media discussion is why the first family, amid the tons of accusations being heaped on its members, has remained elusive in directly refuting the unpleasant allegations that have become public staple in recent weeks.

For instance, now that Trillanes has signed a waiver allowing mandated authorities to open his supposed bank accounts, will the President be willing to do the same? In their quarrel, Trillanes looks like a sure loser since he has no immunity from suits, which the President enjoys.

As a lawmaker, however, Trillanes can always invoke his immunity when delivering privilege speeches in the Senate.

Their protective shields even help make their rift more contentious and animated.