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Devon’s reward for being patient

WAITING FOR – Those who wait patiently are in the end amply rewarded.

True in any field, but in showbiz Devon Seron is a fine example. For several years, the 24 year-old Cebuana had been waiting for that big break. But the most she got were supporting roles – “kapatid, kaibigan, pinsan ng bida.”

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To be fair, she got good notices.

One time she was jobless for almost a year and considered giving up, “Baka di para sa akin ang showbiz.” But she carried on saying “My day will come.”

Well, patience finally paid off.

STARDOM – At long last, stardom for Devon Seron in “You With Me,” opposite two Korean hearthrobs: Hyun Woo and Jin Ju-Hyung.

How did it happen?

Devon “gatecrashed” an audition for what she thought was an indie. “Gusto ko talagang mag-indie,” not realizing that the film was Korean-Filipino joint production.

The director, Rommel Ricafort, was considering other actresses, but when Devon came he changed his mind. The girl was perfect for the role, a wealthy Filipina who “escapes” to Korea to get away from her strict parents.

To think she wasn’t really into Korean telenovelas and didn’t really know their actors young girls are crazy about.

ENJOY, ENJOY – But Devon Seron learned to love and enjoy her shoot in Korea with the two handsome leading men. “They are so mabait.”

She studied the language, watched K-drama series, attended acting workshops, and underwent a fashion makeover.

She learned that the topnotch “You With Me” production team, was also behind the hit TV series “Goblin.”

Direk Rommel noted the Koreans were highly organized and strict with their time.

CO-ACTORS – The cast includes Filipino and Korean actors, led by Tonton Guiterrez and Assunta de Rossi who play her parents.

The rest: John Lucas, Hazel Faith de la Cruz, Lee Seung-Yun, Sung In-ja, Shin Dong-Hun, Lee Soo-Ryun, Oh Ja-Hun, Hashtags.

“You With Me” opens September 27, in theaters nationwide.

Yes, Devon Seron reiterates – It pays to be patient.