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Will, Roxanne talk marriage after producing film

By: Nestor Cuartero

JUST A THOUGHT: “Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.” – Aristotle

ROMCOM IN THE ISLAND: Virgin island is how real-life lovers Will Devaughn and Roxanne Barcelo describe the location of their film, “I Found My in Heart in Santa Fe.”

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The island of Sta. Fe is part of the Bantayan island chain in Cebu, a favourite haunt of some foreigners who have discovered it ahead of many Filipinos.

A wide spread of the island is showcased in the romcom film that they co-produced in cooperation with their director, Bona Fajardo.

Sta. Fe is currently showing as part of Cine Lokal, another project of FDCP in cooperation with SM cinemas.

PUMAPAG-IBIG SA ISLA: Will and Roxanne have been together four years. They’re planning to get married in 2019.

He is black American-German and has no Filipino blood, but you should hear him talk in straight Filipino.

Mahihiya ang tubong Bulacan at Batangas.

ACCIDENTAL LOVE: Here’s a brief synopsis of “I Found My Heart in Santa Fe.”

Raised in Germany by his father, Viktor (Will Devaughn) came to the Philippines in search of his mother he never knew.

Trying to forget her recent heartbreak, Jennifer (Roxanne Barcelo), focuses on managing their family resort in Santa Fe, where she always lived.

The two serendipitously met on Viktor’s first day on the island. Since then, Viktor got instantly attracted to Jennifer, but she keeps turning him away.

One day, Jennifer lost a bet she made with her buddies. As a consequence, she was asked to give Viktor a tour of the best destinations in their island. And from there, they spent the time learning more about each other.

A man searching for his roots and a lady trying to forget a past – in an island full of wonders.

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