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Bohol has Tarsier Man

By: Kim Atienza

Recently on our “MATANGLAWIN” TV show, we re-visited Bohol for another nature tripping adventure. This time, we explored the wonders of Pamilacan Island where we met its famous “Tarsier Man.” He was a former tarsier hunter turned tarsier protector. These days, locals and scientists go to him for information about the exotic animal.

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The episode also introduced to viewers several animal friends like spinner dolphins.

While in Pamilacan, we tried out the local delicacy “Takla” and talked with Badjao divers. We learned how they could hold their breaths for a long time.

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Our dog chronicles never seem to end. Here’s one more.

Recipient of the 2001 heroic dog award was Patty, a yellow lab retriever who saved her owner from drowning while on a winter duck hunting excursion.

As the story goes: After Ray Fogg’s boat capsized and dumped the two into frigid North Atlantic waters, Patty allowed him to grab hold of her tail while she vigorously doggy-paddled against the powerful current.

Dog and master made it all the way to the nearest land, where they were rescued by game wardens later on that evening.

TRIVIA PA MORE (Various Sources): There are at least 50 known seahorse species in the world. They inhabit temperate and tropical waters but most of them are concentrated in the warm coastal waters of the Philippines.

Ketchup was originally sold as medicine.

To create Darth Vader’s infamous wheezing sound in the Star Wars trilogy, the sound designer breathed into a scuba mask.

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