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Movie titles of yesteryear

NOSTALGIA – Highspeed continues its nostalgic trip. After dwelling on poetic and unusual showbiz names of eras gone by, now come movie titles of yesteryear. Then mostly in Tagalog, which seems a no-no these days.

Let’s start with two films with intriguing, puzzling titles directed by Paquito Bolero.

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“Tubig na Hinugasan” (Cleansed Water) – 1950, with 51 stars led by Luningning, Reynaldo Dante, Pacita Francisco.

“Apoy na Ginatungan” (Fueled Fire) – 1951, starring Erlinda Cortez, Lita Rio, Victor Sevilla, Rosa Aguirre.

Another Paquito Bolero movie, “Rosario Cantada” (Sung Rosary) –1951, with Rosa del Rosario, Erlinda Cortez, Lita Rio, Ben Perez.

NEGATIVE – How about titles with negative connotations?

“Ginoong Patay Gutom” (Mister Destitute) – 1946, Leopoldo Salcedo, Arsenia Francisco.

“Millionariong Hampas-Lupa” (Millionaire Tramp) – 1946, Fernando Poe, Patricia Mijares.

“Palaboy ng Tadhana” (Vagabond of Destiny) – 1946, Fernando Poe.

“Juan Daldal” (Talkative John) and “Juan Tamad” (Lazy John) – 1947, Manuel Conde.

“Perfidia” (Unfaithful) – 1947, Jose Padilla Jr., Lilia Dizon, Anita Linda.

“Alyas Sakim” (Alias Greedy) – 1947, Leopoldo Salcedo.

“Selosa” (Jealous Woman) – 1948, Carmen Rosales.

“ Mga Busabos ng Palad” (Slaves of Fate ) – 1948, all-star cast.

“Suwail” (Defiant) – 1949, Anita Linda, Reynaldo Dante, Nora Madrid.

“Bandido” (Bandit) – 1950, Efren Reyes, Virginia Montes.

“Sampay Bakod” (Good for Nothing) – 1952, Eduardo del Mar, Ester Buenaobra.

“Goldigger” (Fortune Hunter) – 1954, Leila Morena.

(Highspeed used as guide in this piece Danny Dolor’s “The Golden Years,” which featured movie ads from 1946 to 1956.

MORE TITLES – A few more movie titles which millennials may find “corny,” but then times were different then.

“Kumakaway Ka Pa, Irog” (You Were Still Waving, My Beloved) – 1949, Pacita Francisco, Victor Sevilla.

“Siyudad sa Ilalim ng Lupa” (City Beneath the Earth) – 1949, all-star cast led by Mona Lisa.

“Matandang Dalaga” (Spinster) – 1954, Carmen Rosales.

“Kasintahan sa Pangarap” (Lover in Dream) – 1951, Tita Duran, Pancho Magalona.

“Hindi Basta-Basta” (Fastidious) – 1955, Gloria Romero, Ric Rodrigo, Dolphy.