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Pigs smarter than dogs

by: Kim Atienza

Did you know that dogs aren’t the only animals in the world that can be trained to perfection?

Dogs are not the only ones who have the adorable ability to learn new tricks. In an episode of our ABS-CBN TV show, “Matanglawin,” we once featured a two-year-old piglet named Peppa Pig.

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Her breed is a mixture of a native pig and wild boar. She has a straight tail and hair that is thicker than usual.

According to her trainer, Ronaldo Nedia, he “fell in love at first sight” with Peppa Pig whom he described as clingy and endearing. As soon as he acquired her as a pet, she made friends with his dog, Bombom.

Some of the tricks she was able to learn in a span of three weeks were the “spin” and “over and under.” Nedia uses positive reinforcement in training Peppa.

According to the Pig Intelligence Study (2015), pigs are smarter than dogs because they possess natural recognition skills and long-term memory. They also have keener sense of smell. They also have more neurons compared to dogs.

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