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2 cops arrested for alleged extortion

By: Francis T. Wakefield

Two cops assigned to National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) were arrested by operatives of Counter Intelligence Task Force (CITF) for alleged extortion in Pasay City, Thursday night.

Police Senior Supt. Jose Chiquito Malayo, CITF chief, identified the arrested NCRPO personnel as PO1 Leomer Redondo Suarez, who was just reinstated from being AWOL (Absence Without Official Leave), and one PO1 Allan Madrigal who has been on AWOL status. They were nabbed in an entrapment operation in vicinity of a fastfood restaurant at 9 p.m..

The police official said the two cops were nabbed upon the complaint of a man who told the CITF that the suspects threatened to charge him with rape unless he pays them P200,000.

The complainant was earlier accused by his lady boardmate in Pasay City of molesting her on Aug. 18, 2017 after a drinking session. The lady accuser claimed she is a cousin of PO1 Suarez.

When the man pleaded that he cannot afford the amount, the demand was reduced to P50,000. The victim was then forced to write a promisory note stating he will pay P10,000 a month.

The arrested cops along with the lady accuser were brought to the CITF office for proper disposition and filing of appropriate cases.