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Doj dismisses rape raps vs Vhong


The Department of Justice (DoJ) has dismissed with finality the rape complaints filed by model Deniece Cornejo against TV host-actor Ferdinand “Vhong” Navarro.

“Both complainant and her story are incredible,” read part of the DoJ’s resolution as signed by Acting Prosecutor General Severino Gana Jr.

With this, the DoJ dismissed Cornejo’s petition for review which sought the reversal of the dismissal made by government prosecutors of her rape complaints “for want of probable cause.”

The DoJ pointed out Cornejo “suffers from a very serious credibility issue.”

The resolution indicated Cornejo executed three complaint-affidavits concerning the incidents which took place on January 17 and 22 in 2014.

However, the DoJ observed she “changed her story each time.”

“Complainant’s story about the incident on January 17, 2014 changed from rape (or anything amorous for that matter) happening (first Complaint-Affidavit), to rape being committed by force (second Complaint-Affidavit), and finally to rape being committed by rendering her dizzy and weak due to a date rape drug-laced wine (third Complaint-Affidavit).”

Regarding the January 22, 2014 incident, the DoJ noted Cornejo said it “started from rape being committed by force (first Complaint-Affidavit), to absolutely having no mention about any incident (second Complaint-Affidavit), until the event morphed into a mere attempt to rape her (second Complaint-Affdavit).”

The DoJ also questioned the credibility of her latest complaint-affidavit which contains more details about the alleged incidents.

“Common human experience dictates that a narration given close to the incident usually contains more details than one that is given later. This is because in the former, the events or details are still fresh in the narrator’s mind, while the passage of time will make a person forget details,” it explained.

The DoJ also indicated that closed circuit television (CCTV) footage at her condominium building during the two dates reveal inconsistencies “with the actuations and demeanor of a persons who has just been violated.”

“As a matter of fact, there is no evidence to show complainant ever reported to the security guards of the condominium that respondent attempted to rape her,” the DoJ said.