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DSWD & DAR secretary?

By: Erik Espina

WITH the armed crisis in Marawi reaching its final phase with the caliphate world of Maute acolytes crumbling, the next objective for the Duterte Administration may be the hardline CPP-NPA. Borrowing from Davao posters – the “terrorists, extortionists and anti-peace” advocates. The President, in several speeches, openly stated the succeeding target of the military after the Marawi siege will be the communist front.

Whether this directive from the Palace cascades as policy, is awaited with “bated” breath. As far as the “Maoist party” is concerned, preparations are proceeding in earnest in the countryside with the specter of war looming. Street protest of front organizations and political rhetoric in Congress has increased. Their party-list representatives severing the Gordian knot with Malacañang realizing it has gotten all that it can get from the alliance. The notice of two cabinet members being shown the door is clear signal to expose their contempt for this government.

The president is correct. It is one thing to be a socialist which he proudly proclaims. It is another matter, to be a communist. History tutors, it is the former which often provides support to the latter. But in the end, becomes the favored children eaten by the reformist revolution it jointly partnered. Perhaps, with the DSWD and DAR post vacant, nominees for the DSWD must come from loyal legislators and followers of this Administration. Outstanding personalities from certain sectors considered e.g. Don Bosco focusing on youth and impoverished, Habitat Foundation, and the tireless Gina Lopez?

As for DAR, there is wisdom among many legislators for the merging of DAR with the Department of Agriculture. Secretary Manny Piñol will be a plus heading both agrarian reform as a bureau incorporated into a more effective and holistic agricultural program. Not to mention the budgetary savings with both under a single cabinet member. The wave of countryside development in the world is really towards land productivity via industrialization balanced with agricultural sufficiency and not ideological myopia, “land distribution.”