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High-heeled shoes optional for workers

By: Samuel Medenilla

Starting tomorrow, wearing high-heeled shoes will be optional for workers. 

This comes after the new order issued last month by Department of Labor and Employment (DoLE) to ensure the occupational safety and health (OSH) of employees, whose line of work involves standing for long periods, finally takes effect on Sept. 24, 2017.

Under the new issuance, employers will now only be allowed to require their workers to wear footwear, which has either flat or low-heels that must be wide-based or wedge type and no higher than one inch. Aside from footwear regulation, the order also mandates employers to provide their employees seating breaks to their workers with the appropriate seats and tables.   

Furthermore, it also directs employers to install appropriate flooring or mats like wood or rubber in their workplaces to make it easier for their employees to walk. 

Among the workers, who are expected to benefit from the new issuance are retail and/or service employees, assembly line workers, teachers, and security personnel.