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Importers agree to remove ‘tara’

By: Betheena Kae Unite

Importers have expressed willingness to exclude “tara” in their computation, Customs Commissioner Isidro Lapeña revealed recently.

“Yung mga negosyante, they are willing to adjust, kaya ang sinasabi natin ‘yung sa computation ninyo tanggalin na ninyo ang tara,” Lapeña said during a press briefing Wednesday.

The Customs commissioner earlier appealed to the importers to exclude “Tara”, in their computation in a bid to stop corruption in the bureau.

“I am appealing to them to exclude the ‘tara’ in their computation. ‘Wag na nila isama sa computation nila ‘yung tara. I will make sure that the process, facilitation will be fast enough. ‘Yun naman ang gusto nila. It could be done even without a ‘tara’,” Lapeña said.

“Ang sinsasabi nila (importers), gusto lang naman nila ay ma-facilitate ‘yung goods nila,” he added.

Lapeña said that with the cooperation of the stakeholders, specially the importers, to exclude tara and practicing correct valuation “we will be having more revenue for the government.”

Lapeña further said that despite the suspension of the green lane, “there is no congestion in ports.”