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Drugs delivered thru Grab, Uber, says PDEA


Drug dealers are now plying their trade using transport network vehicle services such as Grab and Uber.

This was revealed by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency following the arrest of Jovet T. Atillano, alias “OJ,” 32, who was caught selling illegal drugs using TNVS.

“Atillano hired the services of TNVS drivers in delivering illegal drugs concealed inside packages right at the doorsteps of his customers. Before they know it, the drivers have become unwitting couriers of illegal drugs,” the PDEA said.

“We are urging TNVS drivers and operators to exercise due diligence to ensure that they will not be used to transport any contrabands,” Aaron N. Aquino, PDEA Director General, said.

“Drug syndicates have learned to utilize the mobile-based application of transport network companies to deliver their illicit goods. They will register using fictitious names and pre-activated SIM cards to avoid detection in case the delivery went amiss and intercepted by authorities. Unaware, the poor driver will likely suffer the dire consequences,” he added.

The PDEA is seeking the assistance of the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board and the TNVS to find ways to stop it.