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Mid-Autumn Treasures by Paradise Dynasty

The moon may be at its farthest point but we are bringing our moon cakes closest to you. Indulge in Paradise Dynasty’s mid-autumn treasures with your loved ones under the beautiful full moon. Immerse in the two varieties of time-honored classics of velvety Pure White Lotus and White Lotus paste both filled with sweetness while embraced by a crusty layer of golden brown skin baked to perfection. Notice its perfectly round shape that symbolizes completeness and reunion – allowing your family members to bond and relish moments together. Exceptionally imported from Singapore with only limited stocks available, you would not want to miss this magnificent experience with two of the best classics that we have to offer.

Pure White Lotus Paste
Delight in our classic treasures of pure white lotus paste skillfully enfolded within an aromatic golden brown skin, best enjoyed with a pot of Chinese tea.

White Lotus Paste with Single Yolk
Enjoy the perfect of a savory salted egg yolk and subtle sweetness from our pure white lotus paste, accompanied with white melon seeds for a good crunch.

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