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Solano confident that he would be cleared


John Paul Solano, one of the prime suspects in the hazing death of Horacio Castillo III, is confident the Department of Justice (DoJ) will release him soon.

“Kasi alam ko naman na inosente ako. Alam ng Diyos na wala akong kasalanan, tumulong lang ako,” he said.

Solano is the only suspect in the case who is under police custody. MPD has filed several cases in court against him, including murder, perjury, obstruction of justice, robbery, and the violation of the anti-hazing law.

While he already misses his family, he’d rather not see them at the moment.

Solano does not harbor ill feelings towards the MPD, who subjected him to inquest proceedings before the DoJ.

His lawyers have since sought for his release.

“Wala naman kaming gustong i-offend dun sa ginawa naming motion. Nagulat lang ‘yung lawyers ko kasi kung bakit ako ininquest, eh ang reason ko for surrendering is to aid the investigation,” Solano explained.

He added that in cases of voluntary surrender, he can invoke his right for preliminary investigation as provided in the Constitution.

“‘Yun ang tamang way,” he said.

Solano, who promised authorities to spill all that he knows about the death of Castillo, admitted he now fears possible retribution from his fraternity brothers.

“Pero I still believe na hindi naman sila ganun ka-savage magbalak ng vengeance sa akin,” he said.

He admitted that after all the mess he went through, he is now unsure if he will still be active in Aegis Juris as fraternity member.

“I am thinking about that, pero more or less, ‘yung ibang lawyers ko kasi are my brods din who took my case pro bono.

Baka sila na lang ang i-meet ko madalas, not the fraternity itself,” he said.

Solano does not regret bringing Castillo to the Chinese General Hospital (CGH) – what he regrets is him agreeing to be left with the victim there, as requested by his fraternity brothers.

“I would never regret na tumulong ako sa isang tao,” he said. “Ang niregret ko lang sa mga nangyari ay ‘yung nagpaiwan pa ako sa ospital.”