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6 illegal betting stations in Central Visayas closed

By: Jel Santos

The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office has lauded the National Bureau of Investigation for closing six illegal betting stations in Central Visayas.

PCSO Chairperson Jose Jorge Corpuz said the NBI Central Visayas raided six illegal betting stations of the “Peryahan ng Bayan” in Cebu and Mandaue cities on September 11.

During the raid, he said, six employees of Globaltech Mobile Online Corp. who served as collectors and maintainers were nabbed.

“The PCSO would like to congratulate NBI Central Visayas Regional Office over the arrest of six collectors and maintainers of the ‘Peryahan ng Bayan’ in Central Visayas,” Corpuz said in a statement.

The raid was conducted after the NBI received complaints from First Golden Fortune Leisure Inc. and Saturn Gaming N’ Amusement Corp., both Authorized Agent Corporations of the PCSO on the illegal operations of the Peryahan ng Bayan near Small Town Lottery stations.

Corpuz said that the Peryahan ng Bayan has no authorization from PCSO to operate as its Deed of Authorization has been terminated due to its refusal to remit revenues to the government last year.