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Du30: ‘I don’t have P211M’

By: Genalyn D. Kabiling

Apart from offering to step down from office, President Duterte said he was prepared to be executed if allegations of ill-gotten wealth are proven.

The President put his life on the line in dismissing corruption allegations, currently being investigated by the Ombudsman, as part of “politics.”

“If there is a P211 million, kanila na lang. And I’d be happy if they give me P1,000 and they can – if there is one, they can confiscate it,” Duterte said during the 116th commemoration of the Balangiga encounter in Eastern Samar last Thursday.

“And if I have a deposit outside of the Philippines, maski isang dolyar lang, bababa ako pagka-Presidente at pwede ninyo akong patayin diyan sa monumento for those people who suffered for the greater good of what is now the Republic of the Philippines,” he added.

Duterte argued that he would not have sought the presidency and instead enjoyed his retirement if he truly stashed billions in his bank accounts.