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Gerald and Ai-Ai are starting anew

PRENUP – At the contract-signing of Pitalicious shawarma, got the chance to inquire about the prenuptial agreement of soon to wed Gerald Sibayan and Ai-Ai de las Alas. It was Gerald’s idea… and she agreed.

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Ai-Ai said all her earnings and property would go to her three children, who are happy with her choice for a future husband. They feel that Gerald is a good man who makes their mom happy. “Sabi ng mga anak ko, magkasama raw kami ni Gerald hanggang sa huli.”

Well in the case of true love age doesn’t really matter. Besides, in the words of Ai-Ai, “I’m forever young.”

STARTING A NEW – In a way, Gerald and Ai-Ai have nothing after their marriage. As earlier noted, all her wealth would go to the three children.

“Magsisimula kami ni Gerald… pareho naman kami masipag maghanapbuhay,” Ai-Ai mused. “Oo, importante ang pera, pero mas mahalaga magkasama kaming maligaya.”

Yes, the soon to wed are starting anew.

Working in their favor is both are Catholics. Ai-Ai’s Papal Awardee, while Gerald is a fresh graduate of La Salle.
Needless to say, they’ll have a church wedding in December.

‘MASARAP’ – As earlier noted, Ai-Ai just signed as endorser of Pitalicious shawarma, owned by and managed by Mr. & Mrs. Brian E. Francisco.

Ai-Ai is really more of vegetarian than meat eater, but at the contract signing she tasted Pitalicious shawarma and her comment: “Masarap talaga.” But then Pitalicious has also fresh veggie – cabbage and cucumber, with thinly sliced beef and three kinds of sauce and wrapped in especially made pita bread.

Perhaps Gerald and Ai-Ai could start making money as a couple with a franchise of Pitalicious shawarma. What do you think Nap G? It has a total of 16 branches in Quezon City and all over the country. Not counted are the three company-owned stalls in Mandaluyong, Star City CCP Complex, and Baclaran.

More prospective franchises are being processed.