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Samaritan inhospitality

Gospel Reading: Lk 9:51-56
When the days for Jesus to be taken up were fulfilled, he resolutely determined to journey to Jerusalem, and he sent messengers ahead of him. On the way they entered a Samaritan village to prepare for his reception there, but they would not welcome him because the destination of his journey was Jerusalem. When the disciples James and John saw this they asked, “Lord, do you want us to call down fire from heaven to consume them?” Jesus turned and rebuked them, and they journeyed to another village.

Do you want us to call down fire from heaven…?

In the face of rejection and opposition, it is so “natural” for us to fight back or make a counterattack. But Jesus in the Gospel shows us that nonresistance or nonviolence is the better option. Jesus can easily use his power against the unwelcoming Samaritans, as his disciples suggest. He rebukes the disciples and resumes his journey to Jerusalem through another village.

In many parts of the world, those who have power and arms are often quick to use these to achieve what they want – but sad to say, they never do achieve it.

Do we often “naturally” resort to violence in the face of opposition, or do we try peaceful means at all cost, knowing that violence can never achieve the peace we want?

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SOURCE: “365 Days with the Lord 2016,” ST. PAULS Philippines, 7708 St. Paul Rd., SAV, Makati City (Phils.); Tel.: 895-9701; Fax 895-7328; E-mail: books@stpauls.ph; Website: http://www.stpauls.ph.