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Woman collects dwarves

By: Kim Atienza

SOMETIME ago, we featured on our Sunday morning TV show, “Matanglawin,” a woman who collected figurines of dwarves as a hobby.

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She is Myrna Manansala, who surprised us with an amazing 400 dwarf figurines in her collection.

She has no plans on stopping anytime soon.

Myrna shared that her hobby started with a dwarf she endearingly named Amboy. She believed it gave her good luck. Her collection grew from there.

She claims that her day becomes a lot better whenever she sees or chats with Amboy. That’s why she considers the dwarf figurine lucky.

Aside from dwarf figurines, Mrs. Manansala also collects angel figurines. This collection of hers has a sad origin, though.

A child of hers tragically passed away. The child had for a hobby cross stitching images of angels. Now, she considers collecting images of angels as a beautiful remembrance of her deceased child.

From the cross-stitched angels, her angel collection expanded to figurines as well.

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