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President eyed as special prosecutor

By: Ben R. Rosario

Lawyer Lorenzo Gadon, lone complainant in the impeachment case against Chief Justice Maria Lourdes P.A. Sereno, wants President Duterte to help prosecute the country’s top magistrate in the event that the complaint is elevated for trial before the Senate.

In a news forum in Quezon City, Gadon said Duterte may still get his wish of removing Sereno by joining the team of “private” attorneys that the House of Representatives will form to help prosecute Sereno on various impeachment grounds.

“I will file a motion before the Committee on Justice to name President Duterte among the private prosecutors who will participate in convincing Senate that the Chief Justice should be removed,” said Gadon, pointing out that the Chief Executive started his law career as a private practitioner and a top government prosecutor.

Gadon explained that since Duterte’s threat to file a complaint against Sereno is covered by the one-year ban imposed on the filing of impeachment cases against her, the President might as well join him in prosecuting the SC chief.

“Sana payagan maging special prosecutor si Presidente, wala naman batas nagsasabing hindi ito pwede. I will formally file a motion with the HoR and the Senate to allow him to help prosecute CJ Sereno,” said Gadon.

However, he admitted that he has not yet offered Duterte the role, saying that the Chief Executive does not know him.