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Sharon defends Kris, son eating on bed

SHARON Cuneta defended Kris Aquino and her son Bimby who were criticized by a netizen for eating on bed.

“Nothing wrong with eating on one’s bed. That’s what bed trays and breakfasts-in-bed were made for. Most everyone I know does it. I know I do. Cos we eat like the decent people we are and keep our beds clean while eating on them,” said Cuneta on the comments section of Aquino’s Instagram.

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“We’ve worked hard and deserve to do what we please especially in our own homes! There are way more important things to do in these times like pray because there is too much evil around us now.

“Cheer up! It’s those who love you whose opinions matter the most. God bless you and the boys always,” Cuneta said.

On Oct. 4, an Instagram user who carries the name bastille36 commented on Aqui: “Yan ba ang example mo ang kumain sa bed? May sakit ba kayo para dyan kumain… bakit hindi kayo sa kusina. Be a good example!”

Aquino replied: “bastille36 omg—parang may napatay na ko sa level ng galit mo—can I send you chowking halo2 para you can chill???”

Then Aquino posted another image with her son on bed. She commented: “Nope, we don’t endorse any of these snacks or the chocolates BUT they are part of our favorites while watching TV.

“And before i’m again lectured, we’ll definitely brush our teeth before sleeping. This is a THANK YOU post for all of you who had our back & respected our right to enjoy our home as we see fit.”

Followers of Aquino blasted bastille36 for the comments. The IG account of bastille36 has gone private.