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Duterte satisfaction, trust ratings decline

Filipinos’ satisfaction and trust in President Duterte significantly declined in the third quarter of this year, a Social Weather Stations survey released yesterday said.

The nationwide survey fielded last Sept. 23 to 27 with 1,200 respondents found out that 67 percent of Filipinos were satisfied, 14 percent were undecided, and 19 percent were dissatisfied with Duterte in the last three months.

This translates to a net satisfaction rating of +48 (percentage of satisfied minus percentage of dissatisfied) which is classified by SWS as “good.” It is 18 points below the very good +66 (78 percent satisfied, 12 percent dissatisfied) in June 2017.

The survey also found out that 73 percent of Filipinos have much trust, 15 percent are undecided, and 12 percent have little trust in Duterte for a net trust rating of +60 (percentage much trust minus percentage little trust) and classified by SWS as “very good.”

The SWS said that the latest net trust rating is a 15-point decline, and one grade below, the excellent +75 (82 percent much trust, seven percent little trust) in June 2017.

The President’s net trust rating was excellent for five consecutive quarters before declining by one grade to very good at present.

The SWS explained that the 18-point decline in Duterte’s net satisfaction rating amid the 15-point decline in his net trust rating, between June and September 2017, resulted from the decline in his net satisfaction rating among both those with much trust and those with little trust in him.

His net satisfaction rating among those with much trust in him declined to +69 in September 2017, down by 10 points from +79 in June 2017. It also fell among those with little trust in the President to -38 in September from +3 in June. (Ellalyn V. Ruiz)

  • Rampant police abuse.
    Skyrocketing prices of commodities.
    Marawi crisis that has been much longer than expected.
    Failure to keep an election campaign promise to sign a bank secrecy waiver.
    6.4B worth of drugs that entered the country from China. (which Idiot30 remains silent about)

    It should not be surprising that his job approval rating is going down. If there’s anything surprising here, it is that the majority still finds his performance as satisfactory. Shame.