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We all need a good laugh these trying days

FIRST TIME – Ai-Ai de las Alas, Carmi Martin, Beauty Gonzales, and Zsa Zsa Padilla share the limelight for the first time in the comedy film “Bes and the Beshies,” directed by Joel Lamangan, produced by Cineko, and distributed by Regal.

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It’s the story of four friends with many problems, but who laugh their way to a good life.

Ai-Ai is the single mother who dreams of making her family whole again. Zsa Zsa is the martyr wife. Carmi is the mistress. Beauty is the supportive friend.

AT HOME – All four actresses are at home in comedy.

Ai-Ai’s comedy queen – of “Tanging Ina” and “Mighty Yaya” fame. Must be said though that Ai-Ai won an international award for… not a comedy, but a heavy drama, “Area.”

While Zsa Zsa’s identified with drama, she is also an effective comedienne in “Ako Legal Wife” and “Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah,” incidentally both directed by Joel. She has Urian, Academy, and Star best actress trophies for “Batang PX.”

Carmi has proven her comic mettle on both big and small screen. Think “Dick & Carmi” and “Working Girls,” directed by Ishmael Bernal.

And Beauty, the youngest of four stars? She’s funny without meaning to.

Yes, “Bes and the Beshies” is laughter from beginning to end. But then we all need a good laugh these trying days.

Screenplay by Ricky Lee with Alpha Habon and Rod Marmol as collaborators.

SUPPORT – “Bes and the Beshies” has a fine supporting cast.

Emilio Garcia, Alan Paule, Nikko Natividad, Jon Lucas, Wilbert Ross, Mark Joseph Tam, Heaven Peralejo, and Sancho Vito de las Alas.

Opening on Oct. 18, in theaters nationwide.