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Rody calls some civil servants ‘indolent’

By: Genalyn D. Kabiling

Why is President Duterte fond of appointing military men in key positions in his administration?

Former military officers are organized and hardworking, unlike some “indolent” career officials in the bureaucracy, according to the President.

“The predilection of Presidents is leaned towards the military either its Aquino or Arroyo or somebody,” the President said during the groundbreaking rites of a military housing project in Bulacan last Wednesday.

“Ang kinukuha namin lahat mga military because the military kasi at least maski na retired, you’ve been trained to have an organized mind tapos isang salita lang,” he said.

The President made the remarks while lauding Housing and Urban Coordinating Council head Eduardo del Rosario’s swift efforts to build better houses for the military and policemen. Del Rosario, a retired military general, previously served as Defense Undersecretary for Veterans and Retiree Affairs.

Duterte claimed that civil servants are usually industrious in the early years of service but some grow lazy over the years.

“This is not to berate my countrymen but ‘yung nasa Civil Service, kung bago pa kayo, while you are building a career in the bureaucracy, ang tiya-tiyaga ninyo. CESO (Career Executive Service Officer) and all of the examinations that would qualify you to the higher positions,” he said.

“Kaya lang magdating na kayo sa itaas and over time matanda na rin kayo, medyo – some of them are or you have become indolent,” he said.