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HP Managed Print Services boost enterprise security, productivity, profitability

With its continuously developing applications and far-reaching impact, information technology has truly become an indispensable tool, especially for big businesses and industries. And like any other technology, the challenge in using it lies in harnessing its power to improve an organization’s everyday operations.

A3_IT Factor

HP recognizes the value of information technology in business and uses this to enhance the performance of its all-in-one and multi-function printers, making them do more than just print, especially for large enterprises.

HP Managed Print Services helps businesses take advantage of information technology in delivering measurable results, especially in the areas of security and compliance, mobility, and document workflow and management where printing creates the biggest impact.

Print security
A security breach due to unsecured printing of sensitive company, employee, or client information can be devastating to a business and its reputation. Information technology decision makers can secure their printers and imaging devices against various threats using HP Security Manager.

The most comprehensive printing security solution in the market, HP Security Manager safeguards vital data, as it helps establish a fleet-wide security policy, ensure compliance, and protect workflow.

With mobile technology and cloud computing, everything can simply be accessed through almost any device—smartphones, tablets, laptops, and notebooks—making mobile printinga challenge especially on a company’s information technology infrastructure and printing environment.

With HP Direct Print or HP Managed Mobile Solutions, businesses can help maintain employee productivity through convenient and secure mobile printing, while managing printer access. HP JetAdvantage mobile printing solutions also enable employees to print from anywhere using cloud-based solutions.

Document management
In today’s dynamic environment, harnessing information and making it readily available to employees, brings companies closer to achieving their business objectives. Using information technology, document workflow and management solutions enhance content capture, management, retention, and delivery. This allows for faster sharing of vital information, automation of high-volume and document-driven processes, reduction of operating costs, secure and efficient content search and retrieval, systematic classification, retention and disposal of data.

Through interactive workshops, HP enables a company’s information technology team to decide which workflows require attention and concentrate on areas with the most business impact. An HP Workflow Needs Analysis also identifies, analyses, and improves a client’s business process to reduce waste and energy use, leading to savings.