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A matter of taste

by Rica Cruz

I am in my early 20s and just started exploring myself sexually. I have a boyfriend po, but I’m scared of him going down on me. I worry that I might smell down there, or that I taste different. Is there a way for me to know if how I taste and smell is normal/acceptable? Ano po ba ang dapat na amoy?

Also, if it’s the other way around, I also have the urge to taste him, but I’m scared of how it would taste like. Should I be scared? Sorry po for the questions, I just don’t have anyone else to ask!

Want To Know

Hi Want To Know,

Welcome to a new world worth exploring! It is good that you are open to taking on steps in knowing yourself sexually. Yay!

Hm…madami nga akong naririnig na ganitong issue with women, especially young adults like you – some are scared of how they smell down there and get conscious whenever their partner goes down on them. All women have a sort of scent down there, which varies from time to time. Also, hindi lahat ng amoy ay pareho. There are people who like the smell, there are also those who don’t. And that’s okay. Unless you have an infection or you have poor hygiene practices, your smell should be normal and healthy. Infections usually give you a strong scent down there that is not as favorable.

Kung sinasabi ng partner mo na he likes how you taste and smell, then you have nothing to worry about (re: how you smell down there)! But of course, there are other things that you may want to consider like STIs that can be transferred through oral sex, like cold sores or herpes. Also, sugary substances that are sometimes used to make it sweeter down there can increase your risk of getting a yeast infection. Kaya, it’s really imperative to get yourself checked from time to time.

Tasting him can be scary, yes. But most women get turned on from doing it, and there’s nothing wrong with that as well. However, there’s a larger risk for you when it comes to that. Bakit? Because there are STIs such as HIV that can be transferred through unprotected oral sex. Also, if your boyfie has genital warts, they can transfer to you as well.

They sound scary no? But, there’s no need to be scared naman talaga. As long as you both practice safe sex, you regularly get checked and you keep an honest and open communication with one another, then you may smell and taste each other for as many times as you want! Happy exploring! #takeitfromthesexymind

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