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Manta ray, fish in constant motion

By: KIm Atienza

DURING a recent jungle hunt, as part of our “Matanglawin Adventures” segment, we assigned Pinoy rock band Spongecola the mission to search for the smallest bat in the Philippines, the Lit-lit, in Zambales.


The boys were accompanied by Mang Louie, an Aeta instructor from Jungle Environmental Survival Training (JEST). Mang Louie has been a JEST instructor for 30 years now and is the godson of the founder of JEST, Eking Bulatao.

After a simple meal in the forest, the group looked for Lit-Lit. They found two bats inside a bamboo. It was so small that it took them a while to actually spot one even with the assistance of an expert.

The Lit-Lit’s flat head and tiny size allows it to squeeze itself into tight places as it hunts for insects for its meal.

Mang Louie taught Spongecola boys basic survival skills like how to make a fire and cook food with using only bamboo shoots and a bolo knife. They also looked for water from bamboo and water vines.

Underwater, we asked an expert how a manta ray sleeps. Apparently a manta ray is in constant motion even when sleeping because if it stops moving, it will die.

That’s where the Manta Ray diving came from. It is based on the idea of a fish in constant motion underwater just so it will continue to live.

Our featured guest Miho Nishida tried Manta Ray Diving at the Sicilian Reef Dive Resort in Anilao, Batangas. The instructor explained that she had to hold unto the manta ray-shaped board while she was being pulled by a jetski.

In her first attempt, Miho panicked and almost drowned but, after a short break, went back in to try manta ray diving again. She was successful the second time around.

She and the viewers were treated to a beautiful, beautiful view of the underwater world.

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