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Lizards, snakes most misunderstood

by Kim Atienza

One of my advocacies is sharing my love for animals to other people. Now and then, I go on speaking tours before groups in schools, offices, or everywhere just so I could help widen their appreciation for animals.

Recently, I was invited to address a group of like-minded people at the Manila Bulletin, a perfect occasion for me to showcase my profound love for both wild and domestic animals.

This time around, I focused on some of the most misunderstood species of lizards and snakes.

First in the line was the bearded dragon (Pogana), from the lizard family, which is naturally found in Australia’s desert regions. They are generally 12-24 inches long with triangular head that contains row of spiked scales and four stout legs.

Its tail is generally half of its body length. They are called bearded dragons because of the row of spikes that they use for defense mechanism.

Bearded dragons always stick their tongues out because they have weak eyes.

The organ responsible for that action is called Jacobson organ, a part of the reptiles’ olfactory system.

Their strong sense of smell helps them to know whether a predator is coming to prey on them. Having been warned, they take precautionary measures.

Next is the Argentine black and white tegu also called Argentine giant tegu. They are omnivorous reptiles inhabiting the tropical forests and savannas of the east and central South America.

Tegus are intelligent lizards. A healthy tail indicates a healthy Tegu. In determining its sex, one should look at its jaw. Male tegu has bigger jaw than female. Its sex organs are internal.

TRIVIA PA MORE (Various Sources):

Over 80% of professional boxers have suffered brain damage.

Texas was one of the first states to adopt capital punishment by lethal injection – in 1977.

The ashes of the average cremated person weigh nine pounds.

The average bank teller loses about $250 every year.

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