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More showbiz brothers

BROTHERS, BROTHERS – You haven’t read the last of showbiz brothers in Highspeed.

Ricky Lo of Star added the brothers Legaspi: Brandon, Zoren, and Kier. Their dad is Lito Legaspi, Ricky’s friend from way back.

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Zoren is still very much around, but whatever happened to Brandon and Kier?

He also mentioned Bobby and the late Rico Yan.

And the Del Rosario brothers: Joey and Robert del Rosario.

Joey died young of heart ailment, while Robert stayed very briefly in showbiz. They were then being built up by Edwin Santelices of Niño Muhlach’s D’ Wonder Films, wonder where Edwin is now.

MARTIN DEL ROSARIO – Robert’s son, Martin del Rosario, is one of our finest actors today. He won awards at such a young age.

Read that Martin replaced Christian Bables on the TV series for Cignal Entertainment “Born Beautiful,” expanded version of Paolo Ballesteros “Die Beautiful.”

He’s the nephew of TV broadcaster Connie Sison and character actress Ces Quesada.

BACK TO – Yes, back to more brothers. Bing, Ricky, and Charlon Davao, sons of the late Charlie Davao.

TJ and Borgy Manotoc, sons of Aurora Pijuan and Imee Marcos, respectively.

Ramon and Phillip Salvador. Ramon used to produced Ipe’s Viva films.

Jerry and Harmon Codinera of basketball fame.

Marlon Bautista (child actor-turned-director) and Bong Revilla. Plus their late Kuya Ramon Bautista, producer and mayor of San Jose, Nueva Ecija.

Tirso Cruz III and his late younger brother Woody.

Paquito and Romy Diaz, both gone.

Twins Felix and Dominic Roco.

Cocoy Laurel and brothers David, Larry, and the late Kristipi.

Alex and Cheng Muhlach (younger brother of Amalia Fuentes, fathers of Niño and Aga, respectively).

Cesar (artist) and Mario Hernando (journalist).

Antipas and Vic Delotavo, both artists.

Mark (director) and Bearwin Meily (comedian).

From way, way back: Gerry de Leon and Condrado Conde (directors), Tito Arevalo father of Robert.