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Dogs enjoying lasting friendship

By Kim Ateinza

NIMAL behavior makes the most interesting story.

In one of our recent episodes on “Matanglawin TV,” we discovered a unique friendship between dogs Kimchi and Ginger.

Ginger is a Golden Retriever of around 12 years old, with fur parents who decided to adopt a homeless dog (aspin) to keep Ginger company. Ginger kept rejecting each dog at the shelter, till a dog (Kimchi) approached Ginger on the street when they were about to go home and Ginger surprisingly did not reject it.

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Kimchi got separated from her fur parents during a typhoon, and is estimated to be around 10 to 12 years old and nearly blind. Ginger serves as Kimchi’s service dog. Their fur parents decided to leash them together.

As a result, they share everything peacefully and would always walk side by side. Ginger makes sure to steer Kimchi away from objects that she could bump into, and Kimchi, though blind, becomes Ginger’s companion and friend.

Here was a display of animal compassion at its best, something many humans are not even capable of giving.

TRIVIA PA MORE: Here are more excerpts from the very useful book “Living With Folk Wisdom” by Abercio V. Rotor, Ph.D.
The bulk of wild edible plants remains ethnic to remote communities and certain cultures.

Wild food plants that are found in the market are portulaca (ngalog), dampalit, katuray, papait, talinum, alugbati, rosel, spinash, gulasiman, wild ampalaya, himbabao (alukong)

Old folk have a way of making things edible such as the male flower of rimas (Arthocarpus-communis), which is made into sweets, the same way the thick rind of pomelo (Citrus maxima) is sweetened in boiling sugarcane juice. Sweets are also made from kamias (Averrhoabalimbi).

Old folk believe that in order for the female flower (the one with bulbous bottom) to develop into fruit, it must be pollinated (lagyan ng semilya) with the male flower.

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