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Martin gives tips to aspiring singers

OPM singer Martin Nievera has advised aspiring singers to be kind to everyone if they wanted to succeed in the music industry.

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“Don’t forget who you are, where you came from. As you reach for the stars, keep your feet planted,” said Martin, during an interview on “Tonight With Boy Abunda” on ABS CBN.

“Please enjoy what you’re doing. Embrace the mistakes. Let them be life lessons and let that reason you to be the singer that you want to be the singer and performer that you want to be;

“But more than anything, don’t forget the people that you met on your way up because they will be the same people that you will meet on your way down,” said Martin.

“So be kind to everyone. Treat people the way you want to be treated and you will be a superstar,” he said.

Asked about love lessons for his son Robin, Martin said: “Sana he doesn’t take for granted the small moments, the small details in a relationship.”

“When something happens, it becomes a big fault. It could be the simplest, smallest thing. There were times in my failed relationship when I was too full of myself;

“You have to be a giver not a taker to make a relationship last. So I hope he doesn’t put his career and himself in front of his partners career and her needs and her wants,” Martin said.

Martin also praised her non-showbiz girlfriend Anj whom he calls “a lifetime fan.”

“My soul is at peace when I am with Anj. She’s very simple she puts me in front of everything. Like I said before, you have to put your partner’s needs and dreams and beliefs ahead of yours and that’s how the relationship will last;
“She lets me be me. She videotapes everything that I do. She’s almost what you call a lifetime fan and that’s very hard to find in a partner because s’yempre they also have their own dreams and aspirations. Anj put mine ahead of hers. She’s kinda good-looking, too!” added Martin.

The “Be My Lady” singer also cherished those days when he was just starting as a singer and thought he wouldn’t last long in the industry.

“No. Because unang-una, ‘yung handicapped ko, hindi ako masyadong nagta-Tagalog. That was a down for me,” said Martin when asked if he thought he would succeed in the industry.

“Ang daming nagagalit na press sa akin noon dahil hindi ako nagta-Tagalog.

“Everything that happened to me 35 years ago ‘tsamba;’

“Wala akong boses palaging sintunado. You know, not many people know this but my very first concert at the Folk Arts Theater, the day Ninoy Aquino was assassinated, I had a concert. And it was never televised dahil sintunado ako from beginning to end,” Martin revealed.