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Bossa nova singer Marvin Velasquez shines in London

ANOTHER Filipino singing talent – Marvin Velasquez – is making waves abroad, capturing the hearts of Londoners with his showcase of vocal prowess and authenticity as a performer.

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A veteran of national singing contests on television, Marvin is making a name for himself through the showcase of power vocals delivered soothingly in bossa nova style.

“I hope to do a collaboration with Filipino bossa nova singer Sitti Navarro,” said Marvin, during an interview with select members of the entertainment press in Greenhills, San Juan recently.

Marvin, who hails from Nueva Ecija, recently did a series of well-applauded appearances in various locations in London, England. The special leg was made possible after he collaborated with London-based Side Projects Productions for his first digital recording releases.

Last Dec. 8, Marvin came back to Manila to appear in an anticipated ensemble concert entitled “Musikahan Noon At Ngayon Concierto” at the Music Museum in San Juan City. The concert featured The Boyfriends, Male Rigor of VST&Co.

fame, YouTube sensation Zendee, The Voice Kids 2nd Season champ Ella Nympha, among other remarkable acts.

Marvin is behind the songs “Tabing Dagat,” “Kay Bathalang Mahal,” and “Mambo, Samba, Cha-cha,” all written and arranged by London-based Erasmo Mallillin and his brother Jun whose brilliant track record included scoring hits for the Boyfriends.

He is fast-becoming a sought-after name in the gig scene. He had been tapped to host and perform at “The Pinoy Rock Legends Rock & Roll Christmas” at Teatrino in Promenade Greenhills on Wednesday, Dec. 13, 8 pm. This show will feature iconic Pinoy rock stars Gary Perez, Resty Fabunan of Maria Cafra, and yes, Jun Mallillin of Abrakadabra who’s behind the now-classic “Bote’t Dyaryo.”

By invitation, Marvin has performed in Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, India, and London. The last stop, produced by London companies Side Projects Prod, managed by music expert Port Mallillin, and Simply C, saw him perform alongside The Boyfriends.

Marvin will fly to Hong Kong and Macau for a number of scheduled performances from Dec. 17 to 27.