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From rubber slippers to toys

By Kim Atienza

MATANGLAWIN TV last October featured the use of arts in a practical way.

We focused on slippers, for instance. We showed viewers different ways to design slippers. But what captured my attention was how a man could make toys using old, throwaway slippers.

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It is unique and practical, such transformation from discarded slippers to works of art. This time, as toys.

The man we featured used to be a garbage collector. He said he was fond of collecting old slippers. He said he always dreamed of having action figures, but didn’t have the means to buy them.

He turned to the slippers he has collected, carved them to produce action figures.

The extra effort paid off. Now, he is selling toys made from old rubber slippers, practical as a business because it is cheaper to make and also unique.

TRIVIA PA MORE: Here are more excerpts from the very useful book “Living With Folk Wisdom” by Abercio V. Rotor, Ph.D.

Don’t water the plants at noon, else they die. The best time to water plants is early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

Tubang Bakod (Jatrophacurcas) is a source of natural pesticide to kill insects and mollusk that destroy crops.

To save crops, farmers use the most powerful chemical particles – the chlorinated hydrocarbons and phophatic compounds, many of them are classified systemic.

Fruit flies are different from the popular “fruit flies” – the Drosophila flies hovering around over-ripe fruits and vinegar fermentation.

Traditional farmers use old newspapers and notebooks to wrap developing fruits before they are attacked by fruit flies.

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