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Pia Wurtzbach wants to have a gay child

FORMER Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach has said that she wanted to have a gay child in the future.

“I really believe na aalagaan ka nila kapag matanda ka na, not to say na hindi ka aalagaan kung straight ‘yung anak mo pero based on my experience, ibang mag-alaga ‘yung beki,” said Wurtzbach during an interview on “Tonight With Boy Abunda” on ABS CBN.

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“Gusto kong ma-experience ‘yung merong excited na bibihisan ako, na ayusan ako, alagaan ako, parang magiging best friend ko. Na-imagine ko na ‘yung anak ko magiging best friend ko pagbeki sya,” she said.

Facing the Golden Mirror, Abunda asked Wurtzbach to an advice to the girl in the mirror.

“Kalma ka lang, wag mong pansinin ‘yung mga bashers mo. Christmas na!” she said.

When asked about one piece of advice she would give her before she walks down the aisle, Wurtzbach said: “Life doesn’t end when you get married, your career doesn’t end when you get married. You having fun shouldn’t end when you get married;

“Getting married is just like a celebration and a bonus to your life but you should keep going. And sana that girl doesn’t stop even if she gets married,” added Wurtzbach, who appears in the movie “Gandarrappido: The Revenger Squad,” one of the official entries to the 2017 Metro Manila Film Festival.

Wurtzbach also said that she and her boyfriend Filipino-Swiss F1 driver Marlon Stockinger were best friends before they became sweethearts.

“I actually realize this for awhile now na Marlon is first and foremost by best friend before my boyfriend;
“He knows me so well already. He knew me when I was Miss Universe when I passed on the crown which was an emotional time for me to my transition here in living here in the Philippines, coming back to the Philippines and coming back to acting. He went through all of that;

“Of course he had his challenges, I had mine. He is just there, he never like gave up on me. He never left,” she said.

Asked if they almost separated in the past due to controversies, Pia said: “Parang hindi naman. But I was strategic with our relationship in a way were kapag merong issue, sasabihin ko sa kanya, ito ang gagawin natin ha, magle-lay low muna tayo;

“Hindi muna tayo magpo-post. Hindi ibig sabihin break na tayo. Sasabihin ng mga tao break na kami pero hindi kami break. We’re just taking a break lang from all the eyes and the ears,” said Pia.

In March, model Kit Barraquias said that Stockinger is the biological father of her twins. So far, Stockinger has not commented on the issue.