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American influence strong in Cordilleras

By Kim Atienza

Sagada is the smallest town in Mountain Province, surrounded by provinces Abra, Kalinga, Isabela, Benguet, and Ifugao.


“Matanglawin TV” visited Sagada last October with Wil Dasovich, a multi-awarded vlogger, who was our guest in the episode.

We asked Wil to explore the mountain town, famous for its hanging coffins located in Echo Valley.

Wil first went to the St. Mary’s Episcopal Church. The church was built in 1904 by American colonizers. It is known as the oldest Anglican Church in Cordillera.

Because of the influence of Americans on the people of Sagada, majority of the population there are Protestants. Wil showed the bell that was once part of the original church but was bombed during World War 2.

Near the church is a cemetery.

What’s interesting about the cemetery is that during Undas, family members of the deceased make a small bonfire.

The lighting of bonfire is called by Sagada natives as Panag-apoy. The wood they use is called Sa-eng (from pine trees). According to Paeng Peralta, it is better and burns brighter because it is rich with turpentine.

TRIVIA PA MORE (Various Sources): Odd-eye cats or those with two-eye colors, are usually white and sometimes deaf in the ear where the blue is.

Grey whale: This giant creature travels along the coastline of North America, from Mexico to the Arctic Circle.

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Recent fossil evidence suggests that snakes directly evolved from Burrowing Lizards.

Asian vine snakes are said to have binocular vision.

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In ancient times, eagles are considered elegant and majestic birds.

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