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Putukan na naman

by Rica Cruz

It’s new year’s eve today, at oras na naman ng iba’t ibang klaseng putukan. One of which, is our favorite orgasmic explosions inside the bedroom. And of course, as with any other explosives, safety is the priority. So in terms of sexy time leading to unforgettable explosions this season, how can you ensure your safety? Read on:

1) Bring your own condom. Never depend on someone else to have a condom for you. Kailangan lagi kang may baon. You never know when and where someone’s going to light you fire. So it’s better to have one handy, than be at the risk of exploding and hurting yourself (and your partner) accidentally. Yikes.

2) Avoid getting so drunk or high. Getting inebriated or high may impair your judgment. Minsan kapag sobrang lasing or high mo na, hindi mo na alam ang ginagawa mo. And when does not being conscious of what you’re doing ever translate to safety? Never. So if you’re planning to have some sexy time tonight, limit your intake.

3) Do NOT double bag! Double bagging is using two condoms at once. Some people think that double bagging is safer than using one condom. But that’s not true. It’s actually the worst thing that you can do! The friction between the two condoms could make them both break or even fall off. So remember: one is enough.

4) Do NOT use side B. I had a student once who told me that he turns the condom inside-out for round two. YIKES. YIKES. and TRIPLE YIKES. A condom is designed to be used just once. Using it again, and even turning it inside out, exposes both of you to each other’s fluids which could carry STIs and even make a woman pregnant. NEVER EVER use a condom twice. If you want to go for round 2, open a new pack.

5) Be honest and clear about your boundaries. Since it’s new year’s eve, and parties are all over the metro, you may have an interesting encounter tonight that could send sparks to your erogenous zones. But before you decide to go all the way with this person, make sure that he/she’s also up to having a safe, worry-free, explosive night with you.#takeitfromthesexymind