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Super lamig ngayon sa Mountain Province

Mount Pulag

by Kim Atienza

Low temperature in the Mountain Province is one of the main reasons why people are attracted to visit the country’s northern region. In the news, we learn of temperature in Baguio dropping to 11 degrees C, good enough reason to chill.

The other day, temperature at Mount Pulag in Kabayan, Benguet dropped to a mere 9 degrees Celsius. Wow!

Matanglawin TV recently went to Banaue to explore the rich culture of the Ifugaos. We visited Banaue Rice Terraces to get an overview of Imbayah festival.

The Bale House is where they keep Ifugao human and animal skulls.

They are said to possess cultural symbolisms, a tradition that dates back to their ancestors.

The lifestyle and practices of the local community are showcased therein.

One of the province’s famous places is the Echo Valley, so called because when someone shouts there, the sound bounces back. This is due to the presence of limestone around the valley.

At a certain point in Echo Valley, one can see hanging coffins. Ifugaos have a tradtion in arranging their dead in fetal position, which explains why some coffins appear small.

The dead are buried high above the ground because limestone on the ground is too soft for burial.

Sagdil is a practice whereby a dead body is made to sit as people mourn. The process of burial is tedious. The dead is covered with a blanket.

The family of the deceased carries the body to the burial site. Since the bodyis not embalmed, blood often drips on the ground.

The natives believe it’ll bring them goodluck. Hanging coffins also protect the dead from the threats of animals.

TRIVIA PA MORE (Various Sources):

Pair-bonded birds stay mated for life. Good examples are raptors: eagles, hawks, kites

Bats eat only overripe fruits which is also a very useful natural biological control against the fruit flies which can do more harm by infecting all the other fruits ready for harvest.

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