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Inspiring story of girl with no hands and feet

Inspiring story of girl with no hands and feet

Inspiring story of girl
with no hands and feet

by Kim Atienza

The start of new year 2018 brings hope and promise of a brighter life for all. Let me tell you an inspiring discovery to begin with.

In the course of our Matanglawin TV show, we came across Jhonalyn Hernando, the 6th child of seven siblings.

She is special. She was born without hands and feet. Her mother Nenita says that despite her condition, Jhonais kind and doesn’t complain why she was born that way.

Her father, Mario Hernando, tells her to accept her fate rather than die. Even with disability, Jhona makes herself useful by helping in household chores like sewing. She also helps her parents plant seedlings in their farm.

Jhona is a fighter. She discovered that she can be good in swimming when a teacher visited them and asked her to swim. The teacher found potential in her to be a swimmer.

Jhonafinds joy in swimming. She hopes to be a champion swimmer someday and to participate in the Paralympics.

Fact is, Jhona has been winning competitions.

After only8 days of training, she joined Palarong Pambansa and won in the Freestyle and Backstroke categories.

She has already joined Palarong Pambansa four time where she wonone silver and two gold medals.

She has found a supporter in actress Angel Locsin, a trained swimmer herself. Angel says she admires Jhona’s resilience as she provides hope to the rest of us, especially at the start of a new year.

TRIVIA PA MORE (Various Sources): They say crossing a black cat’s pathbrings bad luck, but in Egypt, it’s considered good luck.

Farmers in Thailand used to sprinkle water on the face of gray cats to call on rain.

Bengal cats come from a crossbetween Asian leopard cats and domestic cats.

The ManekiNeko, also known as the beckoning cat, is considered a good luck charm.

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