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Token: singer with a cause

by Nestor Cuartero

JUST A THOUGHT: people haven’t always been there for me but music always has.” – Taylor Swift

Token Lizares

Token Lizares

AGE DOESN’T MATTER: Age is no reason for Token Lizares to stop singing. She sings to raise funds for the needy. What can be more noble than that?

Known jokingly in some quarters as the Charity Diva, a moniker she has grown accustomed to, the Ilonga singer-composer admits she has long ago passed the spring chicken stage. Yet, she’s determined to pursue her passion as a singer, recording artist and concert performer.

‘It’s more than singing,’ she told us in a recent chat. ‘It’s about using my singing as a tool to help people.’

Through the years, Token has helped raise funds to build churches, chapels, hospitals, schools. She has a soft spot for foundations and similar groups who dream of raising funds to finance their various endeavors.

Scholars, yes, scholars. She helps them a lot, too.

SINGING TO RAISE FUNDS: Token isn’t really a showbiz newcomer. Back in the late 70s and 80s, she started carving her name in lights.

During those times, she was known by her earlier screen names, Riza Roma and Kate Benedicto.

Token’s dreams of stardom were halted by marriage, children, and eventually performing on extended contracts abroad aboard luxury liners.

When she made a comeback, she decided, it was to be with a mission. To help people through her gift of song.

Token isn’t just a singer. She’s also a composer. Two of her compositions have been recorded by Pops Fernandez (What Makes Me Love You) and Eva Eugenio (Bakit may Ulap ang Landas).

Last quarter of 2017, Token released a new album, Till The World is Gone, produced by Vehnee Saturno. It carries five tracks with their corresponding minus one’s.

Cuts include Ikaw ang Sagot, Ganyan Ka Kamahal, One Life To Live, Time Moves On. Digital copies of the album are available on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes and Google Play.