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Close friend denies JLC-Ellen wedding

By Nestor Cuartero

JUST A THOUGHT: We know what we are, but know not what we may be. – William Shakespeare

NO WEDDING BELLS: One of Ellen Adarna’s closest friends doesn’t believe a rumored wedding between the controversial actress and equally controversial John Lloyd Cruz is happening anytime soon.

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Beauty Gonzalez, one of the lead stars of just-concluded series “Pusong Ligaw,” candidly told the press there’s no absolutely no truth to the circulating rumor.

“I should know kung meron man,” she said.

Beauty also asked the public to give John Lloyd and Ellen the space, the little amount of privacy, they deserve.

“They’re out of showbiz for now,” she stated.

The comedian-turned-drama actress joked she wouldn’t mind standing as ninang to her friends if and when they do get married.

Another friend of hers has asked her to be her wedding sponsor. “She tells me they find inspiration in my married life, which they hope to emulate. I’m flattered naman that they feel that way about me and my husband,” Beauty said.

After finishing “Pusong Ligaw,” Beauty wants to take a rest to focus on her family life. She is mother to a one-year old girl.

She also cleared that she’s willing to accept supporting roles even after playing lead in “Pusong Ligaw,” so successful it ran for nine months on air.

DEEPER WITH ALBIE CASIÑO: In the same media event, Albie Casiño said he has three main goals in 2018.

To read more books.To learn a new skill. To quit social media.

Albie is one of our more serious actors, who has proven time and again that he’s got what it takes to be on the big screen. He has been playing quite off-beat roles, bad boy parts which he does wonderfully well.

The public doesn’t seem to realize that behind those menacing performances is a young man with depth and substance.

That afternoon, Albie talked about a book that he’s been reading. It discussed dark matter in space.

Albie said he also wants to strengthen his spiritual side, an opinion shared by his “Pusong Ligaw” co-actor, Enzo Pineda. The two young men admitted that they had been inspired by their frequent conversations with their more senior co-star, Raymond Bagatsing.